Dementia Signage aids Quality of life

With the onset of dementia, it's been discovered that visual images greatly improve the abilities of sufferers to live within their environment.
By clearly identifying the living spaces of those with dementia by activity or function, they can take greater care for their own welfare, improving their sense of wellbeing whilst reducing their dependence on others around them.
In a high dependency dementia care facility such improvements are not only good for the patient, but also assist in reducing demands on the staff.
Increasingly, research is establishing the benefits of well placed, descriptive dementia signage within the living space. To this end, you'll discover signage that identifies spaces for sleeping, eating, washing, and community facilities for entertainment and leisure.
Whether you're an administrator of a dementia facility, career, or friends or family of a dementia sufferer, this signage can add measurably to the quality of life for those with dementia.

Remember, dementia signage is widely recognized by expert professionals in this field to improve the ability of sufferers to be more independent and hence, improve their quality of life; doing likewise for those around them.



Dementia Signage For Homes And Intensive Care

By placing the correct signs throughout the living spaces of those with dementia they can more easily wash, eat, and relax with greater independence




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